About Glenn Roberts

Glenn Roberts is a singer, guitar and bass player from New Jersey.  Performing since high school, Glenn has been in a number of popular New Jersey bands, and is known for his incredible vocals, having studied at the Vocal Fitness Center in NYC.

The Glenn Roberts Band performs at venues throughout the New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania area.  The band performs Country Rock from today’s hottest artists and top hits by Country icons, along with some Southern and Classic Rock.  The result is what we call “Cranked Up Country Rock”.

The Cranked Up Country Band performs at private events, including weddings, corporate events, community events and fire department functions.  The band performs Country Rock from today’s hottest artists and top hits by Country icons.  We can tailor our show to whatever your needs may be so that your guests have the best possible time!

Glenn also performs as a solo act, but with a full band sound, perfect for when you want music for an upbeat event but have a smaller budget.

You can use the contact page or Facebook message to contact Glenn Roberts directly for more information or bookings on either band.

Thank you for visiting our page and we hope you enjoy the music! The Glenn Roberts Band | The Cranked Up Country Band


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